World Championships Around the Corner

Big thanks to everyone who has donated or helped spread the word.  Recently, there were two nice articles written. The first was posted on and written by John Borelli of Killer B Disc Golf in Augusta, GA- which can be seen here The other article was in my local newspaper, The Times and written by Charlie Ellerbrock and can be found here. Thanks to both the Times and the PDGA for the nice write ups!

A week from today, I’ll be in Charlotte getting some practice rounds in.  I’m feeling pretty good about my game right now.  My last 5 tournaments I’ve had three 2nd place finishes and one win. I’m glad to have broken out of the small slump I had been in.  In this next week I’ll be doing quite a bit of practicing.  Most of my practice will be done in the yard on the practice basket.  So I’m going to go ahead and apologize to my neighbors for the excessive banging of chains thats going to be happening this week.  I know there are quite a few elevated baskets around Charlotte, so I’m planning on setting the basket up on a table to get used to those tall baskets.  On top of practicing I’m going to do some running, so if you see a wild fro bouncing around town give me a honk. The World Championships are a marathon of sorts, so I want to be in as good as shape as possible.  I’ll also be doing some studying of the courses and learning as much as I can about them before arriving.

I’m doing the drawing for the hat and water bottle today, if you have something you’d like to donate please get with me.  Thanks again to Paragon Disc Golf and Vibram Disc Golf for the nice giveaways.  I also need to say thanks to Mr. Disc Golf, Mike Solt for his great work on this website.


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