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This July, I’ll be competing in the Professional Disc Golf Associations World Championships in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I’m taking the wonderful opportunity that I have to compete in the World Championships and I’m turning it into a fund raising effort against cancer.  I’m teaming up with The American Cancer Society (Team ACS) to Disc Golf For Pat & Meredith (DG4PM).  Both my Mom, Pat and her sister, my Aunt Meredith lost their battles with Cancer.  I’m seeking out donations in the form of a pledge for each throw (or shot) that I take in the World Championships.  You can pledge as little as 1 penny per throw or simply donate a flat amount.  All money will be donated to the American Cancer Society (and earmarked for Ovarian and Leukemia research). Everyone who makes a pledge or donates will have their name (or their logo) printed on shirts that I will wear during each round of the World Championships.

 Never has a missed putt meant so much!

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404 Throws!

After a heck of a week in Charlotte at the World Championships, I accumulated 404 total throws!  With pledges close to $2.40, almost $1000 was raised! I’m still in a bit of a haze from the whole experience, so I’m leaving this update short and sweet!  I’ll post more real soon and I’ll be contacting winners of the drawings as well as sending you pledgers a link to the ACS website and your total amount to send.



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Missed Putts = More Money

The past few days have been filled with missed putts.  Missed putts are bad for the disc golf game but good for DG4PM!  I grinded through the missed putts and put a couple solid rounds together today, shooting a 55 at Nevin and a 51 at Bradford.  With that solid play, I’m certain that I’ll be playing in the Semi-Final round at Nevin tomorrow morning! I get a chance to make some more putts and make some more money.  Thanks to everyone out there for supporting me in DG4PM, disc golf and in life.  Its been a great week of disc golf that I won’t ever forget.


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4 Rounds Down

We’ve played 4 rounds down here in Charlotte at the World Championships!  4 rounds and 240 shots taken.  I’m not all that happy with my performance, but thats ok.  My putting really let me down today.  The weather has been extremely hot and humid.  I guess thats to be expected when you are in the South in the middle of July.  Here is a photo my friend Lauren took on Tuesday, I unfortunately missed the putt!  It was a close one too…





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61 Throws Later…

After Round 1 of the PDGA Disc Golf World Championships I’m sitting at 61 shots.  We played Renny during R1.  Today I’m playing Bradford and Nevin.  Last night the Fly Mart was a lot of fun with tons of vendors having set up shop at the Blake Hotel.  One of my many highlights yesterday included getting a 3 on the par 5 1000+ footer #11 at Renny!



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Hello from Charlotte!

I’ve been down in Charlotte practicing for the past 4 days now.  I’m feeling pretty good about my game and I really enjoy these courses! The rounds start on Tuesday at Renny.  I plan on taking it easy today and tomorrow, playing only 1 practice round a day.  I want to be nice and fresh come Tuesday.  Currently, each throw will be worth $2.18!  Feel free to still pledge, even after the tournament starts.  Flat amount donations have peaked $1000! Thanks for the support!  I also have a few other pledges for birdies, eagles and aces!

Wednesday night I’ll be raffling off the final Vibram Proto Driver, everyone who has donated will be eligible for this generous prize provided by Vibram Disc Golf



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World Championships Around the Corner

Big thanks to everyone who has donated or helped spread the word.  Recently, there were two nice articles written. The first was posted on PDGA.com and written by John Borelli of Killer B Disc Golf in Augusta, GA- which can be seen here The other article was in my local newspaper, The Times and written by Charlie Ellerbrock and can be found here. Thanks to both the Times and the PDGA for the nice write ups!

A week from today, I’ll be in Charlotte getting some practice rounds in.  I’m feeling pretty good about my game right now.  My last 5 tournaments I’ve had three 2nd place finishes and one win. I’m glad to have broken out of the small slump I had been in.  In this next week I’ll be doing quite a bit of practicing.  Most of my practice will be done in the yard on the practice basket.  So I’m going to go ahead and apologize to my neighbors for the excessive banging of chains thats going to be happening this week.  I know there are quite a few elevated baskets around Charlotte, so I’m planning on setting the basket up on a table to get used to those tall baskets.  On top of practicing I’m going to do some running, so if you see a wild fro bouncing around town give me a honk. The World Championships are a marathon of sorts, so I want to be in as good as shape as possible.  I’ll also be doing some studying of the courses and learning as much as I can about them before arriving.

I’m doing the drawing for the hat and water bottle today, if you have something you’d like to donate please get with me.  Thanks again to Paragon Disc Golf and Vibram Disc Golf for the nice giveaways.  I also need to say thanks to Mr. Disc Golf, Mike Solt for his great work on this website.


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Tell a Friend!

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit the page, pledge and or donate.  Things have slowed down on the donation side, so in order to help spice things up I’m going to give away a Vibram Disc Golf hat.  After we get 5 more donations, I’ll raffle off a hat.  After 10 donations, I’ll raffle off a Paragon Disc Golf water bottle.  So get out there and help spread the word at your local course, on Facebook and if you are on twitter, use the hashtag #DG4PM.

Also, another family member has lost their battle with cancer this past week- RIP Susan Nelson Raikes.

Thanks Again,


Special thanks to Vibram- www.vibramdiscgolf.com and Paragon- www.paragondiscgolf.com for the great giveaways!

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Update- Vibram Proto Winner, Projected Scores and More!

Thanks to all of the support coming in from both within the disc golf community and outside of the dg community.  Please help spread the word! Tweet using the #DG4PM hashtag and share on Facebook.  Lets get as many people involved as possible! If you have something you would like to donate other than cash, please contact me.

Matt Skrogstad of Ottawa, IL is our first drawing winner!  Matt will be getting a proto Vibram Driver!  Thank you Matt and again, many thanks to everyone who has donated thus far!

I appreciate your patience on the drawing as well, I know I’m a few days behind.  I’m currently out in Oregon, playing the Beaver State Fling, which starts Friday the 15th.  For updates on my travels, follow me on Twitter @DanaDiscGolf


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Donate or pledge by June 7 to win a prototype Vibram Disc Golf high speed driver!

Thats right! Vibram Disc Golf has stepped up big time and donated 2 prototype high speed drivers! For you non-disc golfers out there, Vibram is new to the disc golf game.  Currently, they only make 4 types of putters, 2 mid range and 2 fairway drivers.  Many disc golfers out there have been dying, myself included for Vibram to make a big distance driver in the famous X-Link Vibram rubber.  I have 2 different high speed drivers to give away.  Any amount of pledge by June 7 will get you entered in a drawing for one of these rare discs.  The other disc will be given away later in the summer.  Flat donations of $75 or more will also get you entered.  Thanks again to Vibram Disc Golf and Steve Dodge for being the first to step up to the plate and help the cause. Extending the proto giveaway until June 7!

If you or your company would like to donate something to give away, feel free to give me a ring or send me an email- 815.575.1917 vicich@gmail.com